1. Merry Christmas Fuckers Volume 4: Nothing to See Here

  2. Satan Don't Need No Church: Live at Hundred Years Gallery

  3. I Fucking Hate Folk Music: Live at Arch 1 17/5/16

  4. Creeping Determinism

  5. Please Don't Touch or Get Too Close: Live at Hundred Years Gallery 3/5/16

  6. Idiot Vs. Idiot

  7. Changed Priorities Ahead

  8. Merry Christmas Fuckers Vol 3: Having Fun Making Serious Art

  9. Various Incarnations: Live at Hundred Years Gallery 1/11/15

  10. Get Clean

  11. A Jazz

  12. There's No Time: Live 28/8/2015

  13. A Tragic Comedy: Live 25/7/15 & 2/8/15

  14. Psychological Realignment Part Two: Live at Hundred Years Gallery

  15. Welcome to the Centre of Gravity

  16. Psychological Realignment Part One: Live at Arch One 9/6/15

  17. Hell Fire: Live 24/5/15 & 31/5/15

  18. We Are Micro-organisms

  19. Curious Interactions with Actual People: Live 29/3/15 and 12/5/15

  20. This Party Is Over

  21. Inferno

  22. The Psychotic Ballet

  23. Jazz is Dead, Long Live Jazz

  24. World Domination: Live at The Gunners 12/12/14

  25. A Man With No Purpose

  26. Slowly As I Drift Through Space: Live at Arch 1 11/11/14

  27. Now!!! Live at The Stags Head Volume Two

  28. Merry Christmas Fuckers Volume Two: Another Pointless Compilation Album Crammed Into an Already Over-saturated Market of Crap Nobody Wants to Listen To Anyway

  29. Excitement!!! Live at The Stags Head 14/10/2014

  30. Ashtray

  31. Aesthesia

  32. Into The Valley, Into The Fire

  33. Perspectives On Nonsense

  34. Napalm Jazz

  35. Esoteric Rituals and Pagan Songs

  36. Got the Blues

  37. Snake Market

  38. This is My Fucking Labyrinth

  39. Improper Music

  40. Plays From the Songbook

  41. The Great Exterminator

  42. Evolve or Die

  43. Will You Join the Dance?

  44. Profane Songs

  45. Postcards From Hell

  46. Irony Is Not an Art Form

  47. Merry Christmas Fuckers: The greatest hits of the best of The Apocalypse Jazz Unit

  48. Unamusement Park

  49. Soundtrack to the End of the World


  51. Improvised Weapons

  52. You're Not Welcome in My Kingdom

  53. Nothing Burns Forever

  54. Naked and Laughing

  55. Welcome to the Future

  56. Porno Holocaust

  57. Metaphysical Laziness


Apocalypse Jazz Unit London, UK

Experimental mayhem from London, started as a solo recording project by Rick Jensen and has since transmogrified into a live band with a variety of equally deranged improvisers.

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